Sunday, March 20, 2011

can i be as pretty as both of them ??

  • assalamualaikum kawan kawan . :)
  • huhuhuhuu . arini mimi sama je mcm smlm . blogwalking and youtube walkinggg . and i found some awesome vlogging from 2 prettiest girl in town . sumpahhh diaorgg sgt sgt sgt sgt sgt comell . huhuhuhu . perasaan jeleshh sgt sgt meneball dlm dri nie . diaorg sgt sgt sgt cantik with the fashion of hijab and make up ! arrggghhhh ! im dying to be looked as awesome as them !!!
  • okayh . firstly FATIN LIYANAA . 
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  • huhuhu . her entryy sgt sgt awesome . and pictures adalah sgt sgt sgt comel !! and bukan sjaa itu . now dia studyy at indon . medic student . bakal doctor weyhh !!! dah la pndaii . cantik . comel !!! suma lahh !! arghhh . i vain you fatin liyana . but vain in a good way lahh 

comel . cantik en dia . JELESH !!

  • secondly, FATIN SUHANA 
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  • dia nieh model daraaa . cantikk dia . seriusly awesome . dia nie senior aimi syairaa gulabii . kat skola berasrama penuh integerasi kuantan :) see . another awesome pretty lady who has a brilliant brains ! arrghhh . im dying nk jd mcm diaa . skrangg dia study kat uitm jengkaa . course apa xtahuu la plakk . nnty mimi buat research okeyhh . but sumpahh . dia cantikk :) 

dia cantikk . pretty . fabuloss . sgt sgtt! JELESH !!
  • thirdly , FATIN SYAMIMI
  • hahahhahaaahaha . sapa lakk dahh minahh kat atas nieh ??? nma pun dok mai fatin jugakk . hahaha . xdak lah cantikk . comel pun x . biasa biasaa ja . normal girl who has a big dream nk jd cantikk mcm 2 fatin yg kat atas tuhh . huhuuu . but i cant laa . saya gemookk . mna leh cantikk kan ? hum :(

 erm . dia plak . biasa je . * sedar diri laa .

  • p/s : dlm buku maksud nma nma dlm islam . nma fatin bermaksud : cantik menawan . xcaya ? p try bukak . tub pun kalu korang nak tahuu laa . ngeee . suka la nma fatin :P


  1. Beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder.. you're pretty if you say you are.. the last thing you need to hear is people telling you how you look. Its the way you look at yourself is important.. pple may like your blog coz its genuine from the heart.. and pple may also like you coz of your heart.. Remember 'don't judge a book by its cover'.. and even 'looks can be deceiving' .. a few photoshop tricks won't hide a life time of bad habbits from~ ;p

  2. wah thanks alot neophantom . insyallah . i will looked beautiful in and outside . insyaallah :)

  3. :)))
    awak cntek jeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. alahai.. sy comot je pun sbenarnye wak. nak amek gamba haruslah buat2 comel. tehehe ;p anyway, u're cute! seriously :) have a nice day ahead :))

  5. fatinsuhana : awak xcomot . awak cantik oke . seriusly . ngee thanks . mimi xdak la cute mnaa ? btw thanks singgah my blog yg xseberapa nieh :)) u made my day . thanks again :)