Thursday, December 13, 2012

rainbows. sunshine. LOVE

uihhh uihhhhh.
lama gilanyaaa xupdate langsung apa apa dalam blog ni woii. melampau ya amat. god !!!
i could not call myself as a blogger anymore. :(

and i miss my blog so much. bykkkk sgt sgt benda nak cerita ! sgt sgt byk. but yeah. rumah sewa xdak ada wifinyaaa :( so mcm mna nk update.  everything i'll post kat my twitter ja. kat twitter laa membebel duaplohpatjam. and and today entry. i wanna share something with you guys !!! and i hope. korang korang and korang excited nak tahu ni. excited please.





eh ?

oke oke. i want you people to say hye at this !!! his !! MOHD FATEKH ULWAN BIN MAZLAN !!!

he is the love of my life. we've been together for 2 months now :) suka duka dah dilalui bersama. alhamdulillah. i hope he is the one :) the one that gonna be my husband, my iman, father to my child, my hero, my teman, my sahabat, my bestfriend, my sunshine, my rainbow and my everthing one fine day. amin amin ya rabb. moga diperkenankan :)

and there a alot of love story nak sgt sgt cerita kat blog. but. yeahhhh. i repeat one more time. rumahh xdak wifi baq hang. mcm mna nak upload. :( 

in that case. mimi cari another solution to at least theres something that i'll wrote a love story about both of us. in a jornal. LOVE STORY journal :) for each month theres gonna be a book, pictures and everything laa. cuma xpublished kat public jaaa. sbb alhamdulillah. he is amazing the way he is. :) byk byk byk sgt love story each day. and kami pun kerap jumpa jugak lahhhh. tiap hari mungkin. tapi tak sgt. selang sehari kot. ehhh. hari2 kot. entahhhh lahhhh. heheehhehehhehe

and i need you, you and YOUR pray for this. pray for us. amin :) 

mind to view some pictures loveliss ?






TO : Mohd Fatekh Ulwan Bin Mazlan 

till then,