Sunday, February 20, 2011

saya senyum selalu :)

  • aww . saya suka lagu nieh . sbb lagu nieh mcm suit ja dgn situation skrang :)
  • but skrang mimi dah okayh . nothing much . no matter how broke my heart is . no matter how upset i get . no matter how mad i am . but when im with my family, friends, loved ones . i will never ever forget to smile and laugh . cuz u guys are my life . im happy to have u guys . 
  • thanks for all the supports . nuremilawaty . my twins . thanks for the few calls to make me feel better . aww . i LOVE you very much la sygg
  • thanks to all my sygg . my roomates . yg always there for me . dgr semua story dri awal until the end . terima kaseh sgt sgt sygg . cinta korang "aimi syaira, akak dlyla, akak ain, zue, wanny" thanks sbb jd good listener . and thanks sbb paham bla mimi dok meraung mlm tuh . AHAHA . lawak kan :)
  • saya masih keadaan tidak percaya . but trust me . saya semakin percaya . ngee :)

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