Monday, September 26, 2011

yes . kami power rangers !

salam sayang sayang mimi :))

GOOD MORNING people !!!!!!! wake up faster . yes . mimi xtydo ag . and yes waktu tidur mimi dah laen gila . and i have to work this thing out . harini . mimi xkan tydo ! until 12pm today . haaa . amek kau mimi . betulkan balik tyme management kau .

and i studied my marketing subjects . hahahahahha . yes . bagus mimi study awal for final . im so proud of you :) and after perform my subuh prayer . i kelebet pic pic photoshot last time . yes . it was awesome ! haaaa . mimi lupa nak bgtaw yg mimi meeting all my MALAYSIAN HIJABERS COMMUNITY sweety ! and it was so damn awesome ! we meet . we talk . gossip . pictures and photoshot all the way ! yes . new things for me i think . heeee . 

so in this entry . let preview all the pictures shall we ? hope you guys excited as i am :)) because all my MHC sweety are so beautiful and i envy them . but in a good way :))

so lets begin :))

this is the beginning . we have a lunch together :))

this is sis vee :)

this is dya !! :) she is super brave ! trust me . 

this girl is nurul and she is so sweet :))

this is dyra :)) dia pendiam skit . beysa la first time jumpa . but she is pretty :))

this is wanie and her bf kat blakang tuh :))

first tyme jumpa xmcm first tyme . :))

ini taiko . president kitaorg . kak puteri cantik :))

and this is us :))

love this one ! cantik kan :))

yes . byk kan pictures from us :)) seronok gila masa photo session tuh . keliling pavilion tuh ada org . semua tgk . serius maluuuuuu ! for me lahhh . and for the other hijabers girl out there . who read this entry . if you interested to join us be a part of us . mind to like our pages in fb . dah plan byk bnda utk all the hijabers out there :)

click at this picture and terus ke page kami :))

and thanks all . sbb sudi baca this entry . and spread the love by telling others about this community . 

and I'm mimi wishing you have a great tuesday . may allah bless your day and everything you did . good morning people . begin ur day with a big wide smile :D

when god created WOMAN . he was simply showing us that he could create the most BEAUTIFUL  thing in the world .  

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