Thursday, September 15, 2011

according to buck contest !!!!!

According To Buck

salam . heee . hari ini dgn secara rasminya mimi join contest dlm blog anjuran from the famous blogger . heeee . oke . MR BUCK please be proud with me ! heeee . cuz first contest mimi join is ur contest According to Buck Familiarization Contest.

so kpada yg berminat leh join dgn click dgn banner blog encik buck niehh . terus leh pegi blog diaa . hee . and dateline dia arini last leee . heeee .

and i need to describe about his blog in 3 words . heeeeeee . 

first and foremost mesty lahh PHOTOGENIC !!!!!

seriusly encik buck sgt sgt suka bergambar and kacak . nak tgk pergi blog diaa . heeee


is the most suitable words to describe him and his blog .

yes . and this is the other word suit him and his blog . this guy is really committed towards his job as a journalist !

and the last thing is I have to show some effort . heee . i mean . i should do something to show my creativity . heee . so i come out with this . heeee . A VIDEO !!! heee :))

hope you enjoy mr buck :)) heeee . 


  1. heee . xdak la sweet mnaa . :) welcome . heeee

  2. congrats sis. sis menang 1st prizes ehek ;D

  3. hee. alhamdulillah menang :) awak pun menang kan !!!! :)

  4. wooow fatin.. kak vee baru perasan..congrats..haha.. kem slm bucks