Monday, June 13, 2011

:) saya suka senyum tigeeeeeee

salam sayang sayang syisyukk sayaa :)

actually mimi nak sgt sgt berblogging . but dlm otakk . xdak cita yg best nak post . and i didnt have fun days for myself . bored life . 

everyday . i do the same thing . went to the class with a big smile on my face just to proved to others im fine . giggling with the course mates . make silly jokes with my course mate just to make them happy because deep in my heart i want to be happy like i used to be . and yes . being around with them . really makes me super happyy . thanks to all my accounting partner . iloveyouuwithmybigheart !!! then went back home . online facebook . blogwalking but never coment . i just dont feel like wanted to . then i went to bed . when i woke up . all my housemate were asleep . okayhh . now im bored . and skrang pun dah jarang lepak bistro . hum . sorry didnt join family gpms dinner . mimi letihh laa . huhuu . rinduu nak macam dluuu . huhuhuu . 

okayh laaa . mimi nak tydoo . and esokk . kita ulang balik bnda yang sama oke :) sooner or later i'll get used to it .

today's picture . 

selamat malam sayang sayangg mimi :)


  1. senyum selalu tau sebab mimi memang comel..psss adik akk pon nama mimi hehe

  2. ngeee . tima kaseh akak fyna cantikk . tahuu tahuuu . mimi baca blog akak :)

  3. senyum senyum selalu agar sentiasa kelihatan manisss!